Honey Mesh Leggings

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 Honeycomb Texture 

The honeycomb texture of these leggings completely conceals any dimples or cellulite whilst also having the high elastic and rebound resilience.


 Squat Proof 

The super soft and comfy material has been designed with squat proof interlink fabric to endure every day active wear without being see through. Material is a polyblend of 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex, perfect for sculpting your butt.


 High Waist 

Designed with a high waist to enhance the shape of your body, giving you a slimmer waist. Because we want you to feel comfortable and look good all at the same time.


Butt Scrunch Design 

The butt scrunch design will naturally lift and shape your booty to give you the bum you've always wanted. Whether at the gym or day to day feel confident and look great.


No Sweat Marks

Breathable and dry-fit material means the leggings are sweat absorbing whilst also not showing any sweat marks so you can work out without any distractions.