Running Sports Bra

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Product Features 

Super Comfortable Four Way Stretch Fabric

With the super comfortable, four way stretch fabric that is used to make our Yoga Sports Bra there will be no more discomfort, itching, pinching and scratching


Non-Wired and No Buckle

This beautiful sports bra is a perfect choice for working out. However its also perfect for women going through surgery, pregnancy or just want to look incredible


 Comfy Texture 

The texture on our Sports Bra completely conceals any dimples or cellulite whilst also having the high elastic and rebound resilience 


Removable Pads

The Yoga Sports Bra is slightly padded on the front, which will always retain its shape and prevent bra bulges. They are also removable to suit whatever you prefer


No Sweat Marks

Breathable and dry-fit material means this sports bra is sweat absorbing whilst also not showing any sweat marks so you can work out without any distractions